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Sooo… I recently went through a little hair trauma. Went for a little do-over and left with fried locks. With a head of straw and a scalp on fire I struggled to do damage control. I am usually a ponytail girl but when you can’t even stuff it in a clip…you know you have a mess on your hands. In a way this was a blessing (really trying to be positive here). I already have eczema and a dry scalp so this was the kick in the pants I needed to smarten up and show some love to my skin and hair. I write a lot about peaceful living but I was down right violent towards my skin and hair. I have to wear make up on TV but I wasn’t feeding my skin what it needed to thrive and my hair was literally breaking off.  Every day I was trying to hide the  hair damage all the while my skin was also screaming out for attention. Self love is often the last on the to-do list for women yet we spend a fortune on beauty and hair products- slapping it on hoping for a miracle. I decided to tackle this trauma from the inside out and guess what- slowly, very slowly my body is responding and healing in surprising ways.

So here are my 7 Peaceful Practices for healthy skin and hair…after all they are our external clues to our inner health!

"Feed Your Face" Dr. J. Wu

"Feed Your Face" Dr. J. Wu

1) Read “Feed Your Face” by Dr. Jessica Wu. After picking this up only a week ago I not only feel re-educated but I have found insightful dermatological advice. Dr. Wu does more than prescribe cortizone cream and tar shampoo, she looks beneath the surface guiding you to examine your food intake, lifestyle and existing skin conditions. In my industry my face is part of how I express myself and it requires care and kindness. For the first time I understand free radicals, why dairy may not be helping my skin break outs and how grapes can be like little zit builders. Grab a copy of “Feed Your Face” and devour it- I am so glad I found it…it is fast becoming my skin bible.

2) The Secrets of Silica

Years ago a Nutritionist recommended Silica to improve your skin and promote hair and nail growth. I take liquid Silica now with noticeable improvements. From what I have been told…there are many minerals that work together daily to keep our bodies in optimal condition, such as calcium, magnesium, boron, potassium, ascorbic acid and silica.  Silica works with the other minerals in the body to maintain many functions both physical and psychological in the body. My hair and nails are growing stronger and break less since I started taking this daily. Talk to your doctor and see if it is right for you.


Damage Remedy by Aveda- my weekend fix

Aveda's Damage Remedy- my weekend ritual


3) I am an Aveda hair care junkie. I love the smell of the stuff but their lines truly work and are so therapeutic. I highlight my hair (not the healthiest habit I know) but too late now and so I have to maintain it. Aveda colour is more gentle on my curly strands and has been the only process where I saw my hair’s condition not only improve but thrive. I believe in the company and the products. (Aveda was the first beauty company to manufacture using 100% certified wind power and recycled packaging) Recently my make up artist tipped me off about using the Aveda “Brilliant” line for regular use and I saw immediate improvements after the “frying” experience. I do a weekend leave in treatment using Aveda’s”Damage Remedy” and for my dry scalp I occasionally  mix Tea Tree oil in Aveda’s Personal blends to cleanse my dry scalp and get rid of flakes.


Eco friendly Rubber Gloves

Eco friendly Rubber Gloves

5) Love the Gloves

I wear gloves when cleaning or gardening now, not just to protect my nails but alos to reduce skin irritation. The eczema flare ups subsided and now my manicures last longer. Check out these Traidcraft gloves! They pay rubber tree farmers a regular and fair wage and offer them assistance with equipment and technical support. Feels good on the hands and heart!

Lemon water

Lemon water

6) Lemon and Water

I drink lemon water daily and lots of it. I have filtered tap water at home so I pour it the night before work, add a squeeze of  lemon and swig it during the 4 hours of Live TV I put in every morning. I drink less coffee this way and find I don’t crash mid-day. I am still tired after the show but not dehydrated and drained. Lemons are a refreshing addition to beverages and offer the nutritional benefits of vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium. Lemons are thought to provide a variety of health benefits because they are known alkalizers.

7) One more little beauty tip: laugh. I do a lot of it and on the days I laugh the hardest I feel and look better. In that energized state I feel a glow from the inside out. So I choose to be around funny people, look for the humour in problems and make fun of myself often. Lighten up- you will look younger instantly and I think laugh lines are sexy.

Be well,


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3 Responses to “Post Traumatic Tress- Hair therapy and skin solutions that work!”

  1. I have eczema,and it seems to only flare up when Im spray painting at work.I wear gloves but the chemicals still absorb through you eye.Any good solution to stop itching from eczema,besides a cortizone cream?

    • Nicola Jones says:

      Well even though I say see a dermatologist here are some of my personal secrets: I use a rich Shea Butter cream daily, limit my showers to 10 mins or less (hot water dries out the skin) and laundry detergent can aggravate the condition so I use 7th Generation free and Clear and no fabric softener! Good luck !

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